Tips for Using Videos in Custom Trade Show Booths

May 16th, 2017

Videos possess a unique ability to engage potential customers. For example, 80 percent of people recall a video they saw within the last month, while fully half of executives, after watching a video, actively seek more information about the product or service that was the topic of the video. Videos also have the ability to increase brand awareness by an astounding 139 percent. Videos, therefore, serve as an effective feature for custom trade show booths. Within the display itself, videos can garner interest in order to draw visitors in, educate them about particular products and services, provide a passive way of engaging visitors who may not want to talk to your sales team just yet, introduce events you will be holding in your trade show display, and provide an interactive way for people to learn about your brand and offerings. However, videos will only be effective if they are developed and utilized correctly within the custom trade show booth. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of the videos you choose to place within your next exhibit.











Keep videos elevated in order to garner the most attention for your custom trade show booth.

Exhibit halls are notoriously crowded and busy. Not only are there many people milling around, and many sales people vying for attendees’ attention, but there are also dozens or hundreds of trade show displays, all designed to capture the attention of passersby. Due to the sheer number of things to look at and listen to, attendees cannot give individual attention to every booth they pass. Videos can help you to overcome this difficulty, but only if they are well-designed and smartly placed within the custom trade show booth. In general, the best spot for videos is about six feet off the ground. At this height, they stand above the hubbub, but are still low enough to be easily viewed by passersby. The result is a greater likelihood of your target audience seeing, and responding to, your custom trade show booth.

Create short videos in order to make them easily digestible for visitors to your custom trade show booth.

Attention spans are rapidly shrinking, with some of the latest reports showing that people have an average attention span of 8 seconds. In an exhibit hall, people tend to give even less attention to a custom trade show booth. As a result, information in your booth needs to be delivered quickly but effectively, even when it is in video form. As a result, one of the keys to an effective video in your custom trade show booth is to keep it short. Ideally, a video that is designed to attract attention to your booth should be about 30 seconds long or less, and run on a continuous loop. This way, people can see and absorb your message easily as they walk by. Within your booth, videos can be a little longer, but statistics show that people tend to stop watching videos after the 1-minute mark. As a result, the shorter you can keep your video within your custom trade show booth (ideally under 4 minutes), the more likely you are to keep your visitors’ attention.

Focus on visuals instead of audio for your custom trade show booth video.

Noise can be a factor in an exhibit hall. Not only is there quite a bit of ambient noise (people talking, for example), but the exhibit hall itself will probably have limitations on how loud your own custom trade show booth can be. As a result, you may find it difficult to get your video loud enough to be easily heard by people walking by. If your video depends upon audio to deliver your message, therefore, you are likely to have trouble getting your message across. Instead, consider focusing on visuals instead of audio. For example, place short pieces of text (such as headlines or titles) within the video in order to reduce the need for a narrator. In addition use lots of high quality film or photos in order to communicate with your target audience. In this way, your audience can get the information you want them to have regardless of how loud it is in the exhibit hall.










Find ways to reuse the video during and after the trade show.

Videos can be valuable marketing tools not just during the trade show, but after it as well. If you are going to spend the time and money creating a video for your custom trade show booth, it would serve you well to put that video to as much use as possible. There are a number of ways that you can use the same video both during and after the trade show. For example, you might be able to email the video to leads you garner during the trade show. The video then serves as an introduction to your brand or products to help you advance people through the sales cycle. You could choose to use the video on your social media channels or your website. The key is to use it in places where it will encourage attendees and others to dig deeper into your company to learn more. While you may need to make slight changes to the video to make it suitable for different channels, doing so will be easier and less expensive than creating a whole new video for each purpose. Creating and using videos in your custom trade show booth can lead to a more profitable time at the trade show. The key is to create and use these videos in the most effective manner possible. By keeping the videos elevated in order to garner more attention, keeping the videos short, focusing on visuals in order to communicate in a loud environment, and reusing the video in a variety of ways, you can get the most value possible out of your efforts. If you want to know more about how a video might fit with your custom trade show exhibit, talk to your exhibit company. They can help you learn more about how a video can become a useful part of your next exhibiting experience.