Trade Show Booth Ideas for Large Displays

December 20th, 2018

Many businesses can only dream about having a large display to work with at a trade show. But if you find yourself living the dream with the budget and the exhibit space to devote to a large booth, you are going to want to make the most of it. Plan strategically to make the biggest possible impact at your next trade show.


DJI Trade Show Display


Trade Show Booth Idea 1: Organized Space

With a trade show display the size of a small apartment, turning the space into something meaningful can feel like a bit of a challenge. That is why one of the best trade show booth ideas for large displays is to do what any apartment does: Create separate areas that each have a specific purpose. You won’t want a living room, kitchen, and bedroom, but you may want a presentation area, lounge area, private meeting spaces, and product display spaces.

Once your booth is divided into specific areas, you can work on perfecting the design of each smaller space. Not only is that less intimidating, but it will create a trade show display that is more organized, more appealing, and more attractive for your guests. And, with the right design services, you can differentiate spaces without closing them in so you can keep an open, airy feel to your booth at the same time.


Trade Show Booth Idea 2: Organized Traffic Flow

Another problem you want to avoid with your large trade show display is the wandering visitor. If people enter your booth and wander aimlessly, not only are they missing out on your messaging, but they are also likely feeling a little confused and frustrated by your design. Instead, one of the most practical trade show booth ideas for that large space is to create an organized flow of traffic.

You can organize traffic flow mostly through good design. The use of signage, furniture, technology, and pathways can show visitors how to move through the booth. In addition, staffers placed at key locations can help determine visitors’ needs and guide them toward the right area of the booth. When people can move purposefully through your large trade show display, they are more likely to get the information they need in an environment that feels comfortable and welcoming.


Trade Show Booth Idea 3: Big and Bold

One of the best aspects of a large trade show booth is the fact that you generally do not have to worry about the size of your graphics, messaging, and other display elements–unless you make them too small. One of the most fun trade show booth ideas for your large space is to be big and bold in your design. Anything that is too small is likely to get lost in the sheer size of your space, plus be a waste of the space you have to work with.

Instead, consider graphics that cover the entire wall of your trade show display. Bring in large display elements, like a whole car or giant couches and chairs for your lounge space. You can even go big and bold by adding design elements like a second floor and enormous hanging signs. If you are afraid of looking too over the top with your big choices, ask your exhibit company’s design services to help you hit the balance between tasteful and bold with your design. With a big, bold design and a large space, you will be almost guaranteed to draw the attention of anyone who enters the exhibit hall.


Trade Show Booth Idea 4: Empty Space

One of the central tenets of graphic design is white space: Areas that are not filled with text, color, or images. The idea is to give people’s eyes a chance to relax and focus on what is important about the graphics. This concept carries over well to designing a large booth space. One of the most counterintuitive trade show booth ideas is to create empty space within your display in order to give visitors a restful, organized, and focused experience within your booth.

One recommendation is to make up to 40 percent of your large trade show display empty space. Create areas that are not filled with graphics, messaging, furniture, products, and so forth. Instead, allow the open area to refresh your visitors and guide them toward the busier spaces that will communicate your most important messaging.


Trade Show Booth Idea 5: Varied Sizing

Finally, if you are designing a large booth, you may want to consider varying the sizing of your graphics. Big and bold is the way to go, but you also need to keep in mind the fact that many visitors will be encountering your booth up close and personal. They may need signage and graphics that are easy to read at a smaller level to account for the closer distance at which they are encountering them.

As a result, another trade show booth idea for large spaces is to vary the sizing of your graphics and messaging. You may want a huge hanging sign to catch people’s eyes as soon as they enter the exhibit hall, but also try to hang smaller signs within your booth to direct people to your products or to various areas within the booth. You may want to ensure that people can see your messaging from across the hall, from the middle of the hall, and from your doorway. That way, you use your large booth to communicate to everyone who encounters your business on the trade show floor.

Large trade show booth displays are an exciting way to make your business stand out. Use them to their maximum advantage with trade show booth ideas designed to make an impression. From separate areas to a clear layout, from big and bold to varying sizes and empty space, the best trade show booth ideas allow you to create a large space that feels comfortable, welcoming, and impressive all at once.