Trade Show Display Details You Should Never Overlook

June 17th, 2016

The difference between a mediocre custom trade show exhibit and a successful one often comes down to the details. If you want to reach or exceed your exhibiting goals, you would be wise to pay attention to the following details, and to enlist the services of an exhibit company that understands their importance as well. Here are a few of the small things you can do to create a big impact on your trade show display.

Pay attention to the exhibit rules.

When you register for a trade show, you should receive a handbook that includes all of the information you will need to display successfully at the event. Some exhibitors feel overwhelmed by the amount of information in this handbook. Others feel that their prior trade show experience has equipped them to display successfully without reading through all of the exhibit rules.

However, ignoring this information can create problems for you as you build your exhibit. For instance, certain trade shows restrict the height of your display, or prohibit certain types of lighting. If you bring a display that is too high or that includes prohibited lighting, you may find yourself unable to exhibit. Instead, take the exhibit rules into consideration when crafting your display, in order to create a space that can be effectively used in the exhibit hall.

Ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

Even the best-looking display will suffer if it does not allow attendees to move through it easily. This is why ensuring a smooth flow of traffic is one detail that you and your exhibit company should take into consideration when creating your custom trade show exhibit.

Attendees should be able to move through your display without encountering obstacles or safety hazards. Dangers such as protruding objects or low-hanging lights can cause bumps and burns for your visitors. Even small obstacles, such as a table partially blocking an entrance, can discourage people from walking through your exhibit.

On their way through, your booth visitors should also encounter all of the important elements of the exhibit (such as the product displays and presentations), have easy access to expert information about your brand, and have the chance to converse with a member of your sales team. By taking the flow of traffic into consideration during the design phase, you can better ensure that each visitor is able to fully navigate your display, thereby making certain that visitors leave your booth with all the information they need.

Install custom flooring.

One frequently overlooked element of trade show displays is flooring. Since flooring isn’t strictly necessary, many businesses either decide not to install it or never even think about their flooring options at all. However, while flooring is not at all necessary in your custom trade show exhibit, it can significantly improve your exhibit’s appeal.

For instance, a carpeted display can make your custom exhibits look more welcoming and provide a comfortable place to stand after a day of walking on hard floors. Choosing a type and color of flooring that matches your brand can enhance the cohesive look of your display. Some types of flooring also allow you to tuck cords out of the way in order to create a safer environment and more polished look. Consult your exhibit company to find out how flooring might help you create a more effective display.

Use lighting to accentuate your display.

Subtle features in the lighting can affect the success of your custom trade show exhibit. In particular, you can more successfully direct visitors’ attention to the relevant parts of your display by using lighting to highlight your most important products and messages.

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You can also make use of lighting to highlight certain graphics so that visitors more quickly understand your message. Instead of keeping your lighting solely functional, add fun colors or other lighting features to create the right mood. Install track lighting or spot lights to illuminate your newest products. Booths that stand out because of carefully chosen lighting details are more likely to attract visitors than displays with more generic lighting.

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Create unique product displays.

With an estimated 93 percent of trade show attendees looking for new products and services in their field, highlighting your newest products is an important aspect in earning leads and business from an event. However, since many of your competitors will have the same idea, you should avoid basic or bland product displays that might mask the uniqueness of your products.

Instead, incorporate details into your product displays to make them unique. Anything from the lighting, to the colors, to the design, and even to the technology used in the display, can help to make your products stand out. Your exhibit company should be able to help you identify elements that can turn your product displays into something memorable.

Make your display interactive.

Finally, never forget to incorporate interactivity into your trade show display. When attendees are able to engage directly with your display, they are more likely to remember your message. For instance, consider incorporating digital presentations that visitors can access through tablets installed around the display. If possible, allow visitors to touch and handle products or other elements of your display. Use games and giveaways to capture their attention (and their contact information). Interactive elements can be small additions to your display and are not always necessary to create an eye-catching look. However, by adding in these details, you have the chance to make your booth more fun, more engaging and, ultimately, more profitable.

Trade show displays offer you a unique opportunity to reach a large audience of people who are interested in what you have to offer. Building a display in which every detail is designed to get this audience’s attention is the best way to make the most of your trade show display. By paying attention to the exhibit rules, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, installing custom flooring, using lighting to accentuate your display, creating unique product displays, and making your display interactive, you will be more likely to capture and keep the interest of your visitors.