Trade Show Display Ideas and Success Tips for 2017

December 30th, 2016

If you attend trade shows year after year, you have probably noticed that trade show displays change over time. As technology progresses, designs evolve, and attendee needs change, trade show displays reflect these developments. Over the last year, a few trends have appeared that reflect the latest changes in trade show displays. Following are a few of the most promising trade show display ideas and success tips for the coming year.


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Incorporate high tech lounge areas in your trade show display.

Lounge areas outside the exhibits themselves offer a space where attendees can gather to network and/or relax in the midst of the trade show. More recently, lounge areas within the trade show displays themselves have given attendees a place to relax while also learning about the companies and products that interest them. In fact, these in-exhibit lounges have proven to be so effective that they promise to remain popular throughout the coming year. In particular, high tech lounges are gaining traction in the exhibiting world. For example, charging stations will be a necessity in 2017 in order to give attendees places to charge their mobile devices. In addition, touchscreens and televisions provide businesses with a place to add digital presentations of their brand while attendees relax. With the incorporation of high tech lounge areas, you can capture the attention of attendees who want to simultaneously rest and learn about your brand.

Use mobile technology to capture leads in your trade show display.

Another rising trend in the trade show world is the use of mobile technology to attract visitors and capture leads. There are a number of pieces of technology that trade show displays can use to capture the interest of attendees who are in the area of the booth but who may be unaware of the display in their vicinity. Otherwise called beacon technology, these tools send promotional information and alerts about nearby trade show displays to attendees. This information is sent through apps that attendees have added to their mobile devices. You can also create your own app to send information to attendees during the trade show, as well as use social media to update followers on the progress of the show.

Save money and energy using LED lights in your trade show display.

LED lights are the new wave of lighting in the trade show world. They are gaining popularity over halogen and incandescent bulbs for a number of reasons. First, they provide a brighter light than do more traditional forms of lighting. As a result, they add a more modern look and greater visibility to your trade show display. In addition, LED lights put off much less heat than do incandescent and halogen bulbs, making them a safer choice for crowded trade show displays. LED lights are also popular because they last for up to 22 years. This exceptionally long life means that you will rarely have to worry about replacing burned out bulbs at the last minute. Their energy efficiency also means that they cost businesses less than do traditional forms of lighting, while also being environmentally friendly. All of these advantages, combined with the versatility that LED lights provide, means that this type of lighting is a smart trend to adopt in your 2017 trade show display.

Engage visitors with touch technology in your trade show display.

Touch technology refers to any form of technology with which you can interact by using the screen instead of pushing buttons. For example, computer touchscreens allow you to navigate through the computer by tapping the screen. Touch technology is promising to be a popular trend for 2017 because of its ability to engage trade show display visitors. For example, if you set up a presentation on a television screen or other non-touch medium, you engage your visitors visually. On the other hand, if you provide them with kiosks where they can interact with the presentation through a touchscreen, you engage them both visually and through touch. Plus, you allow visitors to control the type and amount of information they receive about your brand so they can personalize their experience in your trade show display. In addition, you can sometimes use touchscreens to capture lead information, develop personalized presentations, and add virtual demonstrations of your products to capture interest and close sales. This level of interaction encourages visitors to stay longer and engage more deeply with your trade show display.

Use environmentally friendly materials in your trade show display.

Another trend for the upcoming year is to use environmentally friendly materials in your trade show display. Attendees are becoming increasingly interested in trade show displays that not only look good and provide detailed brand information, but that also have a minimal impact on the environment. In order to reflect this burgeoning concern of attendees, and in order to reduce the impact of your trade show display on the environment, consider using environmentally friendly fabrics, plastics, and lighting in your trade show display. Many exhibit company design services are equipped to consider and utilize these types of materials in trade show displays. These green features are an appealing way for trade show displays to stand out from the crowd and meet the expectations of their attendees.


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Consider using hanging structures to make your trade show display stand out from the competition.

Finally, hanging structures can provide you with a unique way of standing out from the trade show crowd. These hanging structures are signs that you can place above your trade show display. Because they hang from the ceiling, they are more visible than most of the signage in the exhibit hall, making it easier to capture attendees’ attention. In addition, hanging structures allow you to make more efficient use of your display space. While your space might be limited, you can add branding above your booth to make your business more visible than it would have been if you had stayed within the length and width confines of your trade show display. Because of these advantages, hanging structures promise to be a successful trend in 2017. Trade show display trends for 2017 emphasize greater efficiency and branding. High tech lounges allow you to educate visitors while they relax. Mobile technology allows you to capture their attention before they even see your booth. Touch technology enables you to capture their attention more effectively. LED lights save you money while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your trade show display. Environmentally friendly materials make your display more appealing, and hanging structures make your business more visible. With these trends, you can enjoy greater trade show success in 2017.