Traffic Flow Tips for Your Trade Show Display

October 15th, 2018

Most of the time, businesses are concerned with creating a visually compelling trade show booth design that attracts and keeps visitors. However, one aspect of booth design that they may not always consider is traffic flow.

Ensuring that people can easily find their way through your booth, and do so without creating traffic jams, is an important step in creating a comfortable experience for your visitors. Here are a few tips for improving traffic flow through your trade show display.

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Use furniture to subtly direct traffic through your trade show display.

One of the secrets to excellent traffic flow through a booth is to use subtle methods of guiding people where they need to go. One of these methods is to use the placement of your booth furniture to show visitors how to move through your display.

For example, people will naturally work their way around obstacles such as tables, chairs, and literature stands. As a result, placing furniture in the right locations can wordlessly and subtly encourage people to move through your booth in a specific way.

And while visitors may not necessarily notice that they are being guided through your trade show display, they will notice how comfortable it is to find their way through your booth. At the same time, you have the advantage of directing them toward the displays they need to see, the information they need to collect, and the events they may want to attend, all without needing to intrude in their personal space.


Use signage and graphics to guide visitors through your trade show display.

Another subtle way to build traffic flow into your trade show booth design is to use signs and graphics to show visitors how to move through your booth. For example, an excellent way to organize the content of your booth is to tell a story about your products or your business. In this case, the graphics and signage would guide visitors through the story, to the climax and then the conclusion.

When designed correctly, these elements of the trade show display provide a visual guide through your booth. As they follow the graphics and signs, visitors naturally move through all the areas you want them to see before exiting your display. If your booth consists of different sections, such as a lounge area and meeting areas, you can also use graphics and signage to clarify what each section is in order to make it easier for visitors to find their way.

The right exhibit company (like Imagecraft) can help you to develop a layout that maximizes the use of visuals to guide visitors through your booth. The result should be a display that both looks good and encourages a smooth and stress-free flow of traffic in and out.




Place booth staff where they can easily direct the flow of traffic through your trade show display.

Trade show booth design clearly plays a large role in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic through your trade show display. However, when it comes to actually managing the people who enter your booth, you will need to depend upon your booth staff. They are the ones who are the on front line of interactions with your booth visitors. And that means that they are on the front lines of answering questions, directing visitors, and ensuring a positive experience for everyone who enters the booth.

As a result, you will need to ensure that you have enough staff to handle the number of people you expect. In addition, you will want to position them strategically within your trade show exhibit. For example, place one at each entrance, and along the most-traveled paths. The result should be a system wherein each visitor encounters a member of the staff and is helped further on their way through the booth.


Create clear entry and exit points for your trade show display.

It can be disconcerting for visitors to enter your booth and not be able to identify the exit. Worse is when they cannot find the exit so they turn around and leave the way they came…without spending time perusing your booth or speaking to your booth staff first. In addition, confused visitors milling around are likely to cause traffic jams within your booth, which can lead to an uncomfortable experience of your booth and your brand.

As a result, you may want to create clear entry and exit points throughout your trade show display. With the right doorways, visitors will easily understand how to go in and out of your booth, and you will avoid traffic issues that could create distractions and frustrations for your visitors.

Creating a smooth flow of traffic through your trade show display requires you to think through the layout and design of your booth from the very beginning of the design process. With the right placement of furniture and graphics, the right placement of skilled booth staff, and clear entry and exit points, you can create a flow of traffic that works for you and for your visitors.

If you need help designing a trade show display that creates a smooth flow of traffic, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. Our design services can help you design and build a display, and provide consultation regarding details like furniture placement and graphics that meets your exhibiting needs while providing an easy and comfortable experience for your visitors. And that can mean you end up with a display that is more effective, and appealing, than would otherwise have been possible.