Turn Your Rental Display into a Personalized Trade Show Booth Display with These Simple Tips

March 5th, 2019

Rental exhibits present an often ideal solution to the need to balance cost and quality in a trade show display. Inexpensive and beautiful, they give you access to a booth that meets your needs for a third of the cost of purchasing a custom exhibit. However, exhibitors often still worry about choosing a rental because of concerns about standing out sufficiently from the competition.

The good news is that rental exhibits are very customizable, allowing you to enshrine your brand in eye-catching ways. While your exhibit company can help you select the customization options that will work best for your business, there are also a few simple but effective ways to transform a rental exhibit into a personalized trade show booth display. Here are a few ideas.


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Turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display with personalized technology.

Technology, of course, is omnipresent, at a trade show and in almost every other area of life. The presence of technology alone will, therefore, not set your rental apart as a personalized trade show booth display. Your use of technology, however, will.

Most rental exhibits allow you to integrate whatever technology you choose, from virtual reality to tablets to RFID technology, and more. As a result, you get to choose, and tailor, the technological experience your booth visitors have. They may be entering a rental exhibit, but they should encounter your brand, and your targeted messaging, every time they interact with your booth’s technology.

For example, consider using virtual reality (one of this year’s trade show display trends) to give your visitors a tour of the rainforests your nonprofit is dedicated to preserving. Show them the creation of your custom furniture in process. Develop interactive presentations or games for them to use on your tablets as they learn more about your business. The options are limited only by your brand and goals.


Turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display with subtle graphics.

Any rental exhibit worth its salt will allow you to add your own branding and graphics to the walls, both inside and out. Replacing the “skins” of the display can transform the rental from a cookie cutter creation into a branded representation of your business. Your exhibit company’s design services can help you achieve the right branded look for your business.

However, if you want another simple, slightly less obvious, way to turn the rental into a personalized trade show booth display, consider more subtle graphical placements. For example, infill panels, which often contribute to the walls that divide spaces within the display or that appear at workstations or other parts of the exhibit, may be customizable. Infusing them with personalized graphics can create a unique look that carries your brand through every part of your trade show exhibit.

Since you do not want to overlook a potential graphical possibility for turning your rental into a personalized trade show booth display, do not hesitate to ask your exhibit company for ideas. They can show you every space available for graphical customization. And, they can offer you guidance regarding how to maximize that space with a tasteful, branded, and targeted look.


Turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display with accent pieces.

Technology and graphics are fairly obvious ways to customize a rental exhibit. After all, no trade show display can succeed without stunning graphics and some sort of technology. However, there are other ways to turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display. A little bit of creativity is all you need. In particular, you can add personalized touches to your booth with the use of accent pieces and colors.

For example, creating a personalized trade show booth display may simply be a matter of setting the right tone. In that case, you may want to swap standard furniture for a few of your custom made wooden pieces to showcase your brand. You may want to add homey touches, like flower vases or wall hangings, to create a relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to create a personalized trade show booth display that boasts more direct branding, you may want to consider accent pieces like table covers that include your brand and brand colors. You may want to use different textures or colors on the walls in order to add small pops of branding to make your rental look less cookie cutter and more unique. Even lighting can serve as a way to add branded accents that transform your rental into a personalized trade show booth display.

There are, in fact, almost unlimited ways to customize a rental exhibit. The right exhibit company can walk you through all of your options to help you develop the look and feel you want for your target audience and trade show. The best part is that you can change the customization for every show you attend. However, if you are looking for relatively simple ways to upgrade your rental into a personalized trade show booth display, consider personalized technology, subtle graphics, accent pieces such as lighting and table covers, and more.

The result should be an exhibit that does not look like a rental. Instead, it should look like a customized, impactful, and appealing representation of your brand. If you need help creating this look, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft for the rental options, customization options, and support you need to thrive at your next trade show.