Types of Backlit Trade Show Booth Displays

January 25th, 2018

Backlit trade show booth displays, as their name indicates, illuminate some or all of the booth’s graphics from behind. The result is often a visually stunning exhibit that enlivens bold messages and compelling images. Regardless of the type of backlighting you use, this technique is one way to guarantee that your trade show booth display will be visible and interesting to trade show attendees. When you set out to add backlighting to your trade show booth display, however, you do need to make decisions about what type of backlighting you want. While every type utilizes the low heat, environmentally friendly LED bulbs that are becoming commonplace in exhibits, the way in which they use these bulbs, and the effects that they produce, differ. To help you decide, here is a look at a few of the types of backlit trade show booth displays from which you can choose, and the impact they may have on your exhibit.

Backlit tension fabric trade show displays create a wall of visually compelling graphics.

Backlit tension fabric trade show displays use LEDs to illuminate graphics that are imprinted on fabric panels stretched between aluminum frames. Often used as dramatic backdrops, these displays can stand on their own or be integrated into a custom exhibit. Portable, versatile, and bright, they offer exhibitors a way to add a swath of action that is sure to draw attendees’ eyes.  These types of backlit trade show booth displays are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet exhibitors’ needs, and can be constructed of high quality fabric that captures the vibrant colors of the graphics and responds well to the illuminating effects of the LEDs. Combined with the fact that the graphics can easily be changed when needed, and the fact that many of these displays are designed to be lightweight and portable, they make a good choice for businesses looking to make a dramatic yet convenient statement with their trade show displays.

Light box tower displays add dramatic illumination to one part of the trade show booth.

Backlit fabric trade show displays are useful for illuminating large areas of your booth, such as an entire wall. They are used as a dramatic piece of the booth’s construction and contribute to the mood and appeal of the booth as a whole. Light box tower displays are equally dramatic forms of backlit trade show booth displays. However, they have a more focused effect that draws attendees’ eyes toward one particular area of the display. As their name implies, they consist of towers that contain strings of LED lights hanging from top to bottom inside them. On the outside are whatever graphics you choose for your trade show booth display. When the box is turned on, the effect is an eye catching tower of illuminated graphics that can be placed anywhere you wish within your exhibit. However, this type of backlighting makes a particularly effective welcome into the exhibit and, when used outside the exhibit, can serve to catch peoples’ eyes from long distances. Available up to 12 feet tall, they are a great way to replace the expense of hanging signs while achieving similar visibility and impact.

Backlit trade show booth displays can including hanging signs.

Of course, if you select a backlit hanging sign, you enjoy both the impact of backlighting and the incredible visibility of a sign hanging above your display. These ceiling signs come in the same plethora of shapes and sizes that are available in regular hanging signs. The difference is that they contain internal lighting that is used to illuminate the graphics on the signs. Their only downside is the fact that they require extra care and labor to hang correctly. You must ensure that the venue will allow you to hang the sign, as well as ensure that you follow the venue’s rules for hanging signs and obtain enough labor to safely and efficiently complete the project. However, despite these disadvantages, the visual impact of backlit hanging signs is probably the greatest out of all the types of backlit trade show booth displays. Because they hang high above the exhibit, they can be seen across the exhibit hall. And because they harness the power of illumination, what attendees see is a striking and appealing image and message that compels them to visit your booth to find out more.

Backlit light boxes combine the size of tension fabric displays with the technology of light box towers.

Tension fabric displays that include backlighting do not always have the lights concealed inside the display. The trade show display lights may at times be attached to the backside of the frame instead. While this does not hugely impact the overall look of the booth, it may not be appealing to all exhibitors. If you want to the seamless look of light box towers but the size of backlit tension fabric displays, you may want to invest in a light box. These are large boxes, rather than towers, that contain the LED lights inside the box. As a result, you enjoy a more sophisticated look across a wider area, which can be the best of both worlds. If you think that backlighting might benefit your next trade show display, consult with an experienced exhibit company like Imagecraft. We can help you understand your options, see how backlighting might fit best into your design, and help you to build a trade show exhibit that has the impact and the messaging you need to meet your event goals. And that can mean that your display as a whole, including backlighting, can become a profitable long term investment for your business.