What Makes a Portable Trade Show Booth Portable?

May 25th, 2018

Portable trade show booths get a lot of well-deserved recognition for the benefits they offer exhibitors, especially those strapped for cash or needing to attend small events. Their affordability compared to larger custom exhibits, combined with their easy set up and disassembly, and the fact that they can be customized with striking, branded graphics, make them very appealing for many situations. Of course, the most obvious benefit of these trade show displays is their portability. The fact that they can be easily carried from place to place gives them a distinct advantage over larger custom exhibits, and can significantly reduce costs associated with storage and shipment. Here are the qualities of portable trade show booths that make them easy to transport.

Portable trade show booths are lightweight.

If you have ever had to drag a heavy package through airport security, you know how important it is for anything you travel with to be lightweight. Heavy items quickly become burdensome to carry (or drag) over long distances. The advantage of portable trade show booths is the fact that they tend to be very lightweight. For example, aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of the frames of these displays. In addition, the “skins” that fit over the frames are usually tension fabrics that also tend to be very lightweight. The result is a trade show display that, once packed away, is relatively easy to carry because of its construction out of lightweight materials that reduce the overall heaviness of the display.

Portable trade show booths are compact.

Of course, the size and shape of a package also impacts the ease with which it can be carried. Large items may not fit in luggage racks or inside cars, while bulky or awkwardly shaped items may be difficult to hold comfortably while you travel. Portable trade show booths solve this problem by storing compactly for easy carrying. For example, many of these trade show displays fold down small enough to fit inside a case. Retractable banner stands roll the banner up into a tube that can be tucked under an arm or placed in the trunk of a car. This compact size, combined with lightweight construction, mean that portable trade show displays are easy to carry to airports, fit into cars, or even tuck inside luggage for transport to and from any event.

Portable trade show displays can be set up by one or two people.

No matter how portable an item is, it becomes difficult to manage if more than one, or maybe two people, at most, have to take care of it once it arrives. If you can send a trade show displaywith a single staffer to a show, you want that staffer to be able to set up the display by themselves once they get to the show. Portable trade show booths make this possible with easy set ups that allow them to be put together quickly by only one or two people. For example, popups can simply be unfolded and stretched out. Retractable banner stands simply need the banner pulled out of the tube. Even larger displays can be quickly pieced together thanks to their simple design. The result is a trade show exhibit that is portable because it can be carried and set up by the booth staffers you send to the event.

Portable trade show booths are easy to disassemble.

Disassembly of portable trade show booths is generally as easy as is their assembly. You simply reverse the steps taken to set it up. The result is a trade show display that can be quickly returned to its previous compact shape by the efforts of one or two individuals. This type of easy disassembly is ideal for sending a trade show display with one or two staffers who will be manning the booth, and eliminates the need to arrange for a professional team to put the booth together or take it down after the event.

Portable trade show booths are easy to store.

Finally, portable trade show displays earn their portability label by being easy to store. Larger custom exhibits must be professionally stored in temperature controlled climates and large storehouses that have the space to keep the crates and boxes that house them. However, portable trade show displays are small enough, compact enough, and lightweight enough to easily fit almost anywhere you have space for them. While you will still need a location that does not get too hot or too cold or too damp, you are more likely to have a shelf or a closet for them at your business than you would for a larger exhibit. Portable trade show booths have many advantages that make them a good choice for many exhibitors. By being lightweight, compact, easy to assemble, easy to disassemble, and easy to store, they are simple for most businesses to bring from event to event. Thanks to a lack of transportation and storage fees, they are also much less expensive than larger exhibits. If you want a portable trade show display for an upcoming event, ask Imagecraft. We can provide you with high quality Nimlok brand displays that can be affordably customized and easily transported wherever you desire.