When to Consider Using a Double Decker Trade Show Display

June 11th, 2018

Towering above the other exhibits at an event, double decker trade show displays are a visually stunning statement. But, they are not for everyone. Budget constraints and trade show goals, for example, might make single story displays better for some businesses. So how do you know if a double decker exhibit is the right choice for your business? Here are a few situations that might call for the look and practicality of a two-story trade show display.

Overhead Door Exhibit

Consider a double decker trade show display if you want to make an unforgettable visual statement.

Two story trade show displays have many practical purposes, but the first impression they will make in the exhibit hall is a visual one. When you possess a display that towers one full story above most of the other booths, you have a display that will be one of the first to be noticed by visitors. And with only a couple of seconds to grab people’s attention, you want a display that has that kind of eye-catching appeal. That kind of visual impact can also be important to exhibitors who want to quickly and easily get the attention of attendees no matter where they are in the exhibit hall. There is no chance of your graphics being hidden in a two-story display. The key is to make this tall display as appealing as it is striking. Thoughtful, bold design paired with the height of these displays can create an impression that will improve traffic flow to your display.

Consider a double decker trade show display if you need more space for showing off your products.

There are also practical considerations that can also make these tall trade show displays appealing. For example, they double the space you have to put your products on display without requiring you to spend the money reserving a larger exhibit space. While you want to avoid bringing all of your products to every event, you may find that you have larger products that take up more space. Or, you may find that there are multiple new items that you want to promote at the trade show. At these times, you may need to choose between putting up with a crowded exhibit, spending more money on more space in the exhibit hall, or adding a second story to your custom exhibit. For some exhibitors, this last option will be both the most practical and the most visually appealing.

Consider a double decker trade show display if you need private meeting space.

Occasionally, you may find that you need private space for meetings during the trade show. For example, you may be planning to connect with current clients or promising leads during the event. You may want to create a space for private presentations with VIP visitors. You may just want a place for your sales people to be able to quietly close sales away from the hubbub of the exhibit hall. At these times, a double decker trade show display can be appealing because that private space can be located on the second floor. Away from product displays, public presentations, noise, and interruptions, this space can become a quiet area for your most important or sensitive meetings. The added benefits of a separate stairway and space for touches like refreshment stations and fine furniture can make a double decker the ideal way to carve out a private area for meetings during the trade show.

Consider a double decker trade show display if you need a large space for presentations.

In-booth presentations can be an excellent way to attract traffic to your booth, as well as to provide engaging information about your brand to visitors. For example, product demos, discussions about trends in your industry, and introductions to  brand new items in your business or industry can all be excellent ways to enhance your success at the trade show. Unfortunately, these presentations also require logistics, such as ensuring you have enough space for the presentation in order to avoid overcrowdingand making sure that the noise does not disturb visitors who may not be interested in your talk. To this end, double decker trade show displays can be helpful. They provide ample space away from the rest of the display where you can easily and conveniently hold your presentation. They also provide space for the kind of state-of-the-art A/V capabilities that will turn an average presentation into something memorable.

Consider a double decker trade show display if you need extra storage space.

Storage can sometimes be an issue with trade show displays. For example, extra literature, extra display pieces, emergency kits, first aid kits, and your staffers’ personal belongings all need a spot. You may even need space to store extra products or to place chairs or tables that you are only using during presentations. If you find yourself requiring significant storage during the trade show, you may enjoy a double decker trade show display. While storage should probably not be the only reason to select a two story booth (because you almost never need double your booth space just for keeping stuff), it can be an added bonus if you already have other reasons for expanding your booth size.

Consider a double decker trade show display if you require specialty space.

Occasionally, you may also find that you want space for specialty events or uses within your booth. These uses may not be entirely necessary (as are product displays) but add to the environment or messages you want to send to visitors. For example, if you plan to host a party or create a coffee bar, you will need the expanded space that a double decker provides. Other examples of things that might benefit from a two-story design are entertainment areas, meet and greets, lounges, and more. Double decker trade show displays can be a smart idea for businesses looking to expand the use of their exhibit without paying for more space in the exhibit hall. Whether you want to make an impression with a tall display, desire private meeting space, additional product displays, storage areas, or specialty space, a double decker can work for you. If you need help choosing the right type of display for your needs, do not hesitated to consult with us here at Imagecraft. We can handle everything from small 10x10s to large double deckers and everything in between so you can get the right custom exhibit for your display needs.