Why Should You Avoid Clutter in Your Trade Show Display?

July 26th, 2018

If you have ever done any exhibiting, you have probably learned to avoid clutter in your trade show display. From clear graphics to open spaces to simplified product displays, you know that you need to keep your exhibit clear, simple, and engaging. But do you know why? If an extra pile of literature makes its way onto a desk or a few cords jumble themselves around a kiosk or you simply cannot resist adding those extra graphics, does it really matter all that much? The reality is that yes, it does. Clearing the clutter from your trade show display isn’t just to make your space easier to walk around in (though that is a good reason in and of itself). Here are a few reasons to eliminate as much clutter as possible from your exhibit.

Better Together Trade Show Display


Eliminating clutter makes the trade show display safer.

You may not think of trade shows as dangerous places, but there are situations that can pose a hazard to your staff or visitors. And clutter is a prime contributor to many accidents within trade show displays. For example, cords left lying in a heap on the floor can easily trip passersby. The result? Injuries your business will have to pay for and a less than stellar perception of your brand. Piles of papers can create a fire hazard that could get you in trouble with the fire marshal. Too much furniture or too many displays can make your aisles so narrow that visitors have trouble getting through your space without bumping into each other or the furniture. When you eliminate clutter, you eliminate these hazards from your trade show display. And that means that you create a safer space where everyone can mingle and learn about your company without potential injury.


Eliminating clutter improves the flow of traffic through your trade show display.

A well-designed trade show display often tells a story about the company or the products on display. At the very least, it has a specific path it wants visitors to travel as they make their way through the booth. Traversing that path takes visitors past the products, engages them with sales staff, and ensures that they see everything necessary to learn about the business. Clutter can cause problems by interfering with the ability of visitors to travel through your trade show display. They have to step around the clutter or find another route. Along the way, they may miss information you intended for them to learn about, or fail to see products or demonstrations that might have been of interest. In addition, clutter can make the flow of traffic more difficult. It can be frustrating for visitors to have to pick their way through your trade show display. And cluttering the pathways with stuff can make those pathways more crowded and harder to get through. By removing clutter, you ensure that traffic can move efficiently and safely through your booth.


Eliminating clutter makes it easier for visitors to focus on the important parts of your trade show display.

When visitors enter your trade show display, it is critical that they immediately get a sense for your business and the benefits you can provide them. Otherwise, they might not stay long enough to engage your business and deliver the leads you need. If your trade show display is cluttered, that jumble of stuff can make it very difficult for visitors to see what is important about your business. Instead, they may simply feel as if they have encountered a confusing mass of information. For example, if they need to sort through 20 products, they might never find the one that meets their business needs. If they have to read four messages on your graphics, they might never decipher which one is central to your brand’s vision. In the worst case scenario, the visitor won’t even bother to take the time to sort through the clutter to find the heart of your business. Instead, they might simply move on to a booth that more clearly sends the right message. By removing clutter from your trade show display, therefore, you more effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

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Eliminating clutter makes your trade show display look more professional.

Finally, by eliminating clutter from your trade show display, you can achieve a more professional look. For example, too much clutter makes your display look disorganized. The mess can make it look like you have trouble thinking clearly and prioritizing what is important. And, if your business cannot handle a trade show display, visitors may wonder, albeit subconsciously, if your business can handle their needs. The more they view you as unprofessional and disorganized, the more likely it is that they will pass you by in favor of a more organized and professional competitor. In order to send the right message about your professionalism and competence, consider clearing the clutter from your trade show display. The result should be a look that reflects the professionalism and competence you want to exude to potential customers. Creating an uncluttered trade show display can be an important way to send the right message to your visitors. In order to avoid certain problems created by clutter, remove anything extraneous from your trade show display. By doing so, you will make your booth safer, improve traffic flow, allow visitors to focus on what is important, and send a more professional message. If you need help creating a clutter free trade show display, do not hesitate to contact Imagecraft. We can help you to create the look and feel you want in a way that is organized and clear. And that can help you to better achieve your trade show marketing goals.